21 Sep

Thank you for attending the Hybrid Lymphoma Breakfast Meeting 2022!

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The Lymphoma Breakfast Meeting co-hosted by Australasian Lymphoma Alliance, Lymphoma and Related Diseases Registry, and Lymphoma Australia was a huge success. We expressed our greatest thanks to the chair, every speaker, panel member, organising committee, attendees, sponsor, and venue staff for making this meeting happen.

The meeting was chaired by Dr Nicole Wong Doo (Concord Hospital, NSW). Prof Chan Cheah (Chair of ALA, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, WA), A/Prof Zoe McQuilten (LaRDR, Monash University, VIC), Ms Erica Smeaton (Lymphoma Australia, QLD) presented on how ALA, LaRDR, LA  work on improving outcomes for the lymphoma patients. Ms Janne Williams (Consumer representative, LaRDR, VIC), Mr Marty Luther (Lymphoma survivor, NSW), and Ms Sharon Winton (CEO of Lymphoma Australia, QLD) joined the panel to delve deeper into the conversation. The whole meeting was streamed simultaneously virtually.

We look forward to seeing you again next time!

Agenda for the Lympho… September 11, 2022 LaRDR at BLOOD Confer… September 21, 2022