The Work Of LaRDR

Interviews with investigators and others to share their experience with the registry

Introduction to LaRDR

  • Introduction of Professor Stephen Opat (chairman of LaRDR Steering Committee)
  • Reasons that the registry was established
  • Current coverage of participating hospital sites in the registry
  • Formation and governance of the registry managed by the Steering Committee
  • Future direction of the registry in the continued collection of follow-up data for benchmarking site performance, and research publication

Principal Investigator at Participating Site

  • Introduction of Dr Kyle Crassini¬†(Principal Investigator at Coffs Harbour Health Campus site)
  • Previous experience with ICAN and ATIONALISE studies
  • Role of a site principal investigator
  • Process for site investigators to submit study proposals to LaRDR Steering Committee for using registry data to conduct research
  • Importance for a regional site to participate in LaRDR in terms of research and benchmarking purposes