Want to hear about our work at LaRDR?

Introduction to LaRDR

  • Introduction of Professor Stephen Opat (chairman of LaRDR Steering Committee)
  • Background and current coverage of the registry
  • Governance of the registry managed by the Steering Committee
  • Future direction in the continued collection of follow-up data for benchmarking and publication

Principal Investigator at Participating Site

  • Introduction of Dr Kyle Crassini, Coffs Harbour Health Campus
  • Previous experience with ICAN and RATIONALISE studies
  • Role of a site principal investigator and process to propose research studies
  • Importance for a regional site to participate in the registry for research and benchmarking

Clinical research coordinator at Participating Site

  • Introduction of Dr Emma Petley, Epworth Healthcare
  • Role of a site clinical research coordinator
  • Data entry training and support received from LaRDR and clinicians
  • Importance for a private site to participate in the registry for research and benchmarking

Research Placement Experience

  • Introduction of Dr Simran Bhopal, research placement intern
  • Designing and conducting a registry research study
  • Abstract presentation at BLOOD 2022 (haematology conference)
  • Research experience in a registry environment with support from LaRDR

Registry data management

  • Introduction of Dr Fiona Chen (senior data officer at Transfusion Research Unit, Monash University),
  • Challenges in managing registry data
  • Process of data cleaning, auditing and extraction for research analyses
  • Reporting registry data via a public-facing dashboard

Registry at Blood 2023 

  • Introduction of Ms Eliza Chung (senior research officer at Transfusion Research Unit, Monash University),
  • Role and responsibility as a project manager,
  • LaRDR’s involvement in research and publication in the conference,
  • Networking and professional development opportunities at the conference.

Ensuring data quality for research

  • Introduction of Dr Allison Barraclough, Principal Investigator at Fiona Stanley Hospital, member of the Data validation working group of LaRDR
  • Experience in co-chairing the data managers meeting
  • Using registry data in a collaborative study
  • Recommendation for other early-career researchers to utilise the registry data

Data contribution to international partnership

  • Introduction of Dr Nicholas Viiala (Principal Investigator at Liverpool Hospital)
  • Experience in data contribution for a rare disease collaboration
  • Value of using registry data for benchmarking site performance
  • Upcoming project proposals using registry data

Research experience as a haematology trainee

  • Introduction of Dr Diva Baggio (previously a trainee and now consultant haematologist)
  • Experience in conducting studies in relapsed/refractory mantle cell lymphoma and chronic lymphocytic leukaemia
  • Experience in publishing study results
  • Advice for other early-career clinician-researchers